Enduro Team Weasel
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The Enduro Team Weasel

Thomas Bach Stecken chairman in memory passed away in 2016

Founded in 2001 by Klaus Gottsmann (died 2022) & Dirk Rydzewski. From 2001 to 2006 we were part of MC Flöha. In 2007 you spun off from MC Flöha and organized and carried out the first enduro yourself. The team is now in its 17th year. In the area between Flöha and Frankenberg is the self-designed and absolutely demanding route for enduros of different age groups from the smallest to seniors. The “Wiesel Team” is a purely voluntary association that is supported only by sponsors and the tireless help of the team members. Starting out small, he kept getting bigger. Hobby riders from many countries took part in the races until 2017. From 2018 to 2023 the races came to an end because there had to be major improvements to the route and noise protection. The series will be launched again from 2024 and drivers from all over Europe have already confirmed their participation. Sponsors and friends of enduro sports are already looking forward to summer 2024 when it starts again. You can find all information about the event here.

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